Once upon a time, there were real folks that wanted to be in several places at once. But they couldn’t.

They really wanted to share their thoughts, ideas, recipes and wisdom with anyone that called them. But couldn’t.

These folks wanted to send out voice messages that inspired others and they wanted to talk to more people than they possibly could in a day. But couldn’t.

They wanted to help friends and strangers with their relationships and their business.

They wanted help motivate and guide them to better health.

They wanted to be inspiring and helpful. They wanted to take calls all day and all night.

They wanted to talk to the masses in dozens of languages.

They wanted to talk, talk, talk all day and all night. But couldn’t. UNTIL NOW.

Enter Talktiva

Talktiva is launching a Voice Entertainment Network. For the first time consumers will be able to have two-way conversations with famous virtual personalities they’ve always wanted to connect with using any phone, anywhere, anytime. We could bore you with the details but suffice to say, it’s magic. We are very excited about the explosive market potential. Even our technology partners are downright giddy.

We are launching a voice network where each channel sports numerous personality programs that we broadcast to subscribers worldwide in many languages. Imagine being able to converse with famous personalities you have always wanted to such as Dr. John Gray for relationship coaching, Wolfgang Puck for cooking tips and recipes, Oprah Winfrey for whatever she has in mind, Martha Stewart about prison life, Anthony Robbins, your personal, billionaire coach, Barack Obama, on his political beliefs, Bono, maybe just listening to his Irish accent is enough, and animated characters from Shrek and Toy Story, even Santa Claus—in their own voice. We are creating a new kind of magic, a new medium and a novel way to distribute digital voice content in an entertaining, purposeful way to millions of consumers worldwide.

TalkToBono… It Could Happen



So, how cool would it be to have a conversation with Bono’s virtual persona? Well, it’s not really Bono, but it would use his digitally mapped voice (using his permission of course) and complex, rocket science technology. Then, using his songs and his scripts, enable you to have a dialog with Bono about music and politics, your job and even make a donation to his charitable causes. Bono would learn your name, could call you on your birthday even wish you well before a gig. The virtual Bono would be polite and thank you personally… “thanks Judy for making that $50 donation to fee the hungry children in Africa…so, what do you do Judy?” This creates an emotional relationship from the very first call…promoting frequency. Think of the magic and awe this would inspire for millions globally.

Talktiva will create and broadcast its voice applications though our network. Callers will use prepaid phone cards, or subscribe monthly and advertisers using audio ads will sponsor some programs. We also will capture demographic data and we plan to sell this too. So, we make money from subscriptions, data mining, affiliate marketing and product placements as well as advertising and licensing to market partners. And we plan to give back from the beginning.

TalkToSanta™ for 2008



This is a first, and our first program and it is going amaze you. Santa’s coming to town! We’re launching the amazing TalkToSanta virtual entertainment voice experience on November 1, 2007. TalkToSanta will be recognized as the first conversational voice entertainment application in the world.

Imagine helping keep the magic of Santa alive for millions of children the world over.
Imagine a massive charitable fund raiser to raise money for children’s charities.
Imagine benefiting from this unique advertising and promotional campaign.
Imagine making money at the same time as doing good for kids.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for our upcoming shows and channels. Voice entertainment and voice service will change the way we live. Count on it.